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by Anjali Sastry on December 2, 2008

Logistics, communicating, and planning

This time zone calculator takes into account daylight saving time (DST), local time zone and accepts dates in past or future. For current time, use The World Clock.

from Rafael:  I found a very good option for conference calls, it is free and you can even record the call (also for free). The only cost is your regular phone charge that depend on where you call from. Hope this helps the class!


My travel checklist includes extra flash drives, a skype headset (but don’t count on the bandwidth), a low-cost MP3 player, and an inexpensive unlocked phone (I bought one in Nairobi for under $40).  Also make sure to check out your mobile phone’s capabilities–some of them can take videos, record mp3s, and do all kinds of useful things. Mine can act as a modem, useful in Nairobi where there’s 3G. You may want to upload currency conversion information before you leave or put other data on your phone, too. Remember to keep a seperate paper back-up for key information!

This time, I’m considering a printer. Options include a Cannon (iP100 or Pixma iP90) or an (expensive) HP (H470); there’s also the compact new Polaroid PoGo or Cannon SELPHY, with the latter being the least expensive option, but neither of the compact printers can print on regular-sized writing paper and instead need special supplies. We know that sharing photos with others is a really nice way to connect and a great way to get permission to use images, so that’s one reason to consider bringing a compact printer; if your phone takes an SD card, you can print straight from it to the compact printer, which is pretty cool. Too bad nobody’s making instant cameras any more…..

my wish list: rechargeablepocket projector–there’s the Optoma Pico PK101 and the 3M Micro professional projector MPro110.

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