“global” includes the United States

by Anjali Sastry on February 3, 2009

Here’s an interesting snippet on “excess health spending” in the US.  This chart and blurb presents some new McKinsey research showing that the United States spends about $650 billion more than might be expected given its level of wealth and the experience of similar countries. Check out other McKinsey Quarterly articles on health care, and here’s an upload of the December article mentioned in the first link, “Why Americans Pay More for Health Care.”

This interactive site shows discrepancies within the US: the Dartmouth Atlas of Health Care.  And be sure to click on the video link on Health Care in America in our blogroll, too, for a graphic glimpse of needs in one community.

Watch this Frontline show that compares several advanced economies’ healthcare systems: Sick Around the World. It offers a good overview of how the system works (and where it is strongest and weakest) in five capitalist democracies.  And thanks to our fabulous students for sending me some of this material–keep it coming!

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