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Key steps and tips for performing market research in developing countries
An MIT student team shares what they learned after conducting comprehensive market research in Uganda

Following the completion of their Global Health Delivery Lab (ghdLAB) projects in Africa and India, we asked our MIT student teams to reflect on their ghdLAB project experience and share what they learned – insights, a how-to guide, best practice tips  – in ways that can be used by others undertaking similar work or facing similar issues in global health. We share their thoughts under the ‘management for the world’ (mftw) collection in the hopes that others will build on it in keeping with the creative commons license.

By Benjamin LO, Vijay PATEL, Lina SAYED, Grace CHEN

During our GHD project in the Spring of 2011, we were responsible for doing a comprehensive market research project for the CD4 diagnostics market in Uganda for Daktari Diagnostics. We used several tactics in order to get the information needed for our project.  As a result of our experiences, we developed the following key steps and tips for performing market research in developing countries. [click to continue…]