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Is franchising a solution?

by Anjali Sastry on November 30, 2008

We had a fascinating discussion about the promise that franchising offers in the quest for efficient, scalable, sustainable models for global health delivery in resource-constrained settings. Could being “in business for yourself but not by yourself” offer a way to link social benefits to individuals’ drive to build and create?

First, it’s important to understand what franchising offers. Our MBA students have that one down–please post comments to discuss what you think the value, and the drawbacks, might be in drawing on franchising to address the global health delivery gap. Look through some of these links, then come up with your own analysis.

Social entrepreneurs have discussed social franchising in recent years. Here’s a discussion on Social Edge [click to continue…]


First week of class!

November 1, 2008

We kicked off the new course with some great material. Things are moving quickly at the moment, and there’s a lot to cover. We’ll use this blog to add resources, ideas, and follow-up readings for everyone to share. In our first class, we spent a little time on the question: why do we need a more »

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