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by Anjali Sastry on November 30, 2008

We learned about GHD online recently. Here’s a nice little manual put together by Amy House, who visited class. The GHD community would very much like all of our G-Lab GHD students to join the online group so you can ask questions and add information. Several of our partner organizations have participants in the communities, too, so it’s a useful way to learn about their points of view, medical questions, and expertise.

Where else in the online world are there active communities discussing topics related to our class?  Please share your links.  Have you checked out group blogs?  Technology, Health & Development: Finding global health solutions through innovation and technology has several authors and a mix of content you may find useful.  There are also wikis and similar sites; check out, “a global, all-volunteer, member-governed, online social network (in combination with real-world locations) that is made up of social entrepreneurs, activists, artists, social purpose enterprises, grassroots nonprofit, non-governmental, and community-based organizations.” You likely already know NextBillion –a well-maintained site that’s a little more news-oriented, contains a lot of educational and background material, and is an incredibly valuable starting point for learning about bottom-of-the-pyramid ideas, but it doesn’t quite have the practitioner-to-practitioner feel that GHDonline has.

What do you find useful? What are the features or attributes that help? How can you imagine your hosts using such resources? What would be most helpful to them?

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