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by admin on July 25, 2011

Global Health Delivery online ( is a platform of expert-led communities where health care implementers consult with each other, post information, and access services and content to improve the delivery of health care.

Membership is free thanks to the generous support of our funders.

Thousands of health care implementers collaborate in theme and disease-based public communities, in private clinical exchange forums that support clinical decisions and medical education, and in private working groups.

“As diagnosing and treating patients is invariably a complex and multi-layered endeavor, especially in challenging settings, resources like these can be very helpful in advancing practice and in managing care for patients,” says Corrado Cancedda, MD, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Partners In Health. Cancedda is co-moderator of a clinical exchange forum on GHDonline where Brigham and PIH Rwanda clinicians consult on complex clinical cases (click here to read PDF abstract).

Virtual Expert Panels are regularly organized and lessons learned from these exchanges are condensed in peer-reviewed Discussion Briefs. GHDonline also offers services with partners such as the UpToDate International Grant Subscription Program.

“There is no doubt that more of these panel discussions will foster improvements across the health sectors globally through shared experiences.” Felix Kayigamba, Director, Access Project, Rwanda

GHDonline Overview May 2012 (PDF)

If you wish to make a difference in the delivery of health care to patients in resource-limited settings, JOIN GHDONLINE AND START CONTRIBUTING TODAY!

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