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note: DEADLINE EXTENDED TO FRIDAY NOVEMBER 9TH. Other updates: our 5-minute video intro, student FAQ, flyer for students, and student application.

GlobalHealth Lab is a graduate-level class at MIT Sloan School of Management that goes beyond traditional boundaries by taking on practical challenges at the front lines of healthcare delivery

GlobalHealth Lab blends classroom learning and carefully designed action-based field projects that are shaped by our partners over the months leading up to the class. Once the semester starts, teams of four MIT MBA or PhD students each partner with an organization on the front lines of care delivery. They collaborate over the course of several months, including an intensive period on site (in Spring 2012, teams were in South Africa, Uganda, India, and Kenya for the second half of March). Students and their partners collaborate on a customized action learning project designed to address factors that limit the enterprise’s delivery of health care to the people who most need it. With MIT faculty, domain experts, the leaders and staff in the partner enterprise, and other stakeholders, students put their management skills to work in a variety of ways. They begin by refining plans, conducting research, developing topical briefings, and planning their field work to make the most of every day they are on the ground. Their task is to bring to bear the best of their MBA toolkit, aiming to deliver a sustained improvement for each host organization by the end of the classroom and field-based components of the course.

The intensive on-site group project puts students to work inside the enterprise alongside its staff while they live and participate in the community. In the third segment of the course, we return to the classroom to distill what we learned in the field and to draw on the thought leadership abundant in the MIT community to reflect on our experiences and to define needs in the emerging field of global health delivery studies.

Our aspiration is for projects to go beyond offering observations or even advice. We aim to enable joint action projects that could deliver lasting improvements by initiating a systematic effort to tackle a pressing constraint or to make the most of an existing opportunity. Our thinking is that by aiming is to get as close as possible to implementation, we offer students the most valuable learning experience and also improve our odds of delivering something of value to the partners. Not only have we made some great new friends in Sub-Saharan Africa and India, but we also now see the potential for an ongoing dialog about the value of management tools and business thinking in health care delivery. The projects have led to multi-year relationships with leaders in healthcare, industry, and the social sector across our partner settings and with MIT alumni in a variety of industries.

Our impact assessment currently underway is documenting the lasting effect of our first 36 projects, some one and two years after the initial work. Stay tuned for more!

GlobalHealth.Lab13 Overview with FAQs for students 12.10.19

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October 21, 2012

Thank you for your interest in GlobalHealth Lab, the MIT project class that pairs teams of experienced MBA and PhD students with organizations on the front lines of health care delivery in resource-limited settings. Each project is designed to address a pressing organizational or business need identified by a host organization, and the three-month MIT more »

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A video intro to MIT Sloan School of Management’s Global Health Lab

October 20, 2012

Learn about why ghdLAB blends classroom learning and action-based field projects. MIT Sloan Senior Lecturer Anjali Sastry, students, and field partners explain what they’ve gained from taking on practical health care management and delivery challenges in Africa and India. research papers for sale

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Business Models for Scale and Sustainability in Global Health 15.S02

October 1, 2012

Update: download new flyer:  BizModels4GlobalHealth FallH2 MW4 pm MBA ‘13s, Sloan Fellows, and others: Learn what works—and what doesn’t—in innovative startups and inspiring leading-edge organizations that are remaking healthcare delivery globally MIT Sloan School of Management Business Models for Scale and Sustainability in Global Health 15.S02 Instructor: Anjali Sastry TA: Anya Priester Offered Fall, H2, more »

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Exploring Mobile Data Collection and Maternal Health in Hyderabad

April 4, 2012

Dateline: March 2012 Location: Hyderabad, India by Kate Krontiris and Lina Sayed Kate Krontiris is a graduate student of public policy and business at the Harvard Kennedy School and the MIT Sloan School of Management.  Lina Sayed is a second-year MBA student at the MIT Sloan School of Management.  They are students of Global Health more »

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Notes from the field: A day in the life for two MIT Sloan students at Chebaiywa clinic in Western Kenya

April 4, 2012

Dateline: March 2012 Location: Kipkaren, rural Western Kenya We have arrived in Chebaiywa! Last week, the clinical staff of Chebaiywa Health Center welcomed us as we began our GHD project.   The staff greeted us with a beautiful song and introductions.  The warm welcome kicked off an experience that has been truly amazing. On our first more »

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Notes from the classroom: A look ahead at my upcoming ghdLAB trip to Mozambique

March 22, 2012

Dateline: mid-March 2012 Location: MIT Sloan By: Deborah Hsieh Hola! The days are counting down until we arrive in Mozambique! Where do I fit if I care about global health, but don’t have medical training? –          In class, one of the standout moments was hearing from Bill Rodriguez. On one hand, he acknowledged the need more »

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Notes from the classroom: Exploring the role of energy infrastructure in health care delivery

March 22, 2012

Dateline: mid-March 2012 Location: MIT Sloan By: MIT Sloan ghdLAB students What would your life be like without a refrigerator, or a stovetop, or somewhere to charge your cell phone? Sitting in Cambridge, Massachusetts it is practically impossible to imagine. While talk of an energy crisis peppers our discussions, our electrified homes and gadgets are more »

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