Business Models for Scale and Sustainability in Global Health 15.S02

by Anjali Sastry on October 1, 2012

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MBA ‘13s, Sloan Fellows, and others: Learn what works—and what doesn’t—in innovative startups and inspiring leading-edge organizations that are remaking healthcare delivery globally

MIT Sloan School of Management
Business Models for Scale and Sustainability in Global Health


Instructor: Anjali Sastry
TA: Anya Priester
Offered Fall, H2, Letter graded, 6 units
Mondays and Wednesdays 4:00 – 5:30 pm E62-223

Business Models for Scale and Sustainability in Global Health examines how innovations in business models, operations, strategy, collaboration, and design are now delivering needed health care in resource-limited settings—and explores how to improve performance further. With enterprises as our focus, we link an informative set of readings with compelling case studies and lively class discussions and exercises. Our tools include system dynamics, design thinking, and strategic analysis, along with other business approaches that help account for success and failure in innovative healthcare delivery. Many class sessions feature thought leaders from the field, among them founders of non-profits with international reach, operational and strategy experts behind some of the most effective global health organizations, and successful business leaders in low-resource settings.

Innovation in health care delivery is taking place in for-profit and non-profit enterprises, and at the private-public interface, in Africa, Latin America, India, and elsewhere. Our analysis of novel business models draws on real-world data via case studies, videos, industry reports, and research. Students share insights by presenting their own studies. To bring our learning back home, we conclude by discussing we learn from low-resource settings where enterprises must do more with less.

Formerly titled Global Health Delivery and Management, 15.S02 is an innovative approach to a domain where MIT Sloan is playing a leading role by focusing on the last mile challenges of healthcare delivery. Students interested in the Spring action learning course, Global Health Delivery Lab, will benefit from taking Business Models for Scale and Sustainability in Global Health. Note that this course is not a prerequisite for ghdLAB but will increase an applicant’s chances of acceptance to the Spring lab class.

No required pre-requisites, but MIT or cross-registered graduate students who have not taken at least three management or business classes must apply to the instructor for permission to enroll, before the first day of class. No exceptions will be made. Restricted to graduate level students only.

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