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Anjali Sastry

Health innovation: Technology + Entrepreneurs + Institutions

December 12, 2010

A brand-new special issue of BMC International Health and Human Rights features a special collection on Health innovation in sub-Saharan Africa. The papers present examples from Ghana, Kenya, Madagascar, Nigeria, Rwanda, South Africa, Tanzania, and Uganda of how science and technology innovations are connected to entrepreneurship and institutions in specific examples. The very first article more »

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technology: the glamorous and the grinding

December 4, 2010

Can we make process, management, and systems a bit less dreary and a bit more glam? So, we’re at MIT, where technology is in the air, and I have my own personal obsessions with technology–witness my (often flawed) forays into twitter, delicious, and too many mobile phones, along with plenty of other tech tools. Working more »

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Can a franchise deliver global health?

November 20, 2010

Can franchises deliver better and more health care cost-effectively in places where current system fall short, and along the way equip a cadre of microentrepeneurs to spur economic development? We looked at the issues again this year: first, to explore what franchising entails, next, to study one chain of franchise clinic-pharmacies operating in Kenya and more »

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VisionSpring, vision entrepreneurs

November 12, 2010

Several years ago, thanks to an innovative class pioneered by my MIT Sloan colleague Simon Johnson, MIT students had a chance to partner with finalists in the World Bank Development Marketplace business plan competition. Student teams worked directly with promising entrepreneurs, mostly from the developing world, to address a development challenge posed by the World more »

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Riders, revisited

November 5, 2010

We looked at Riders for Health last year and were taken with their undeniable coolness as well as the focus and completeness of their operational model. Check out this discussion and related links. Since then, a new study and articles have come out: here’s Fueling Growth by Sonali Rammohan in Stanford Social Innovation Review, Summer more »

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what is it like to need healthcare?

October 22, 2010

What are the needs in global health delivery and management? There are many ways to tackle this question, and a new MIT Sloan class explores the issues from a variety of perspectives, focusing on what managers and leaders of organizations can do to address needs in innovative ways. But before we tackle innovation and business more »

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what is global health delivery?

October 20, 2010

Global Health Delivery is an emerging field of study into how health care can reach all — in advanced economies and resource-constrained settings. Here’s how the Gates Foundation frames the need; Harvard’s François-Xavier Bagnoud Center for Health and Human Rights overview. For a quick video introduction: watch Dr. Farmer’s Remedy For World Health in which more »

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October 25 MGH Seminar Dr. Kristian Olson: Technological Innovation for Global Health

October 12, 2010
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